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July 5th, 2001

Cherry Blossoms
(10 stars)

Design and Layout:
The site has a lovely green theme to it. Its colors are consistent throughout and the only thing that changes from section to section is the image in the top corner as well as the title of the page. The pages all load astoundingly fast. Simple yet effective. Need I say more?
2 out of 2 stars

The organization was very thorough, grouping sections into categories like "Information, Multimedia, Fun and Other." Once I clicked on one of those categories, I was taken to a page further detailing what could be found in little subcategories. This of course, made the site extremely easy to navigate. 
2 out of 2 stars

Advertising and Broken links:
None and none! Every link on the site led somewhere, and moreover, every link on the site led to somewhere that was complete.
2 out of 2 stars

This is the section where I wish I had more stars to offer. This is the site where everyone gets their information. I think it's possible to eliminate just about every other Card Captor Sakura site on the net and just leave this one up, it's that good and informative. This site has about 25 episode summaries which are very detailed. That's also the largest number of summaries I've seen on any site. It also has lyrics to songs transliterated by the web-mistress, Moonbrat. She has tons of links, and a gallery full of original scans. These are scans that just about every other site I've seen uses as well. She also has random sections under "Fun" that are just entertaining, like Card Captor Sakura look-alikes (which every site now has, but not as cool).
2 out of 2 stars

This is the mother of all Card Captor Sakura sites out there. And the web-mistress, considering what she's been through with plagiarism and she still keeps her site up, has to be a thoroughly dedicated fan. It's good to know that someone actually appreciates the series their site is dedicated to.
2 out of 2 stars

A perfect 10! While no site is really perfect, this site has everything it needs to score a ten with my scoring system. Definitely worth a visit, though, if you haven't see it yet, you might experience some deja vu considering it's been ripped off by so many sites...

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