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July 18th, 2001

Sakura Avenue 
(6 stars)

Design and Layout:
Her main page layout doesn't take that long to load, and it's a simple color scheme, although it's a bit dull. She uses the same three column layout that seems to be popular among SSI sites. She does the same "take up space" move and places all the characters in their own individual sections on the main sidebar. So many sites do this, but then they only have a short blurb to the character. A link on a main sidebar would be justified if there was a mini-shrine to the character. Otherwise, no. 
1 out of 2 stars

Steph's gallery pages that are located on Tripod are in fact, not thumb nailed. Rather, it's the full size images just resized. Something that needs to be fixed. Actually, it's the same with her screenshots galleries. Make actual thumbnails! Her site, however, is patchwork. Apparently, she made the move to dbzhost, but she did not make that move for all of her pages. Thus, there are links that go to sections of her site that look nothing like her site (i.e. the image galleries). This can easily be fixed however, if she just puts a little time into it.
0 out of 2 stars

Advertising and Broken links:
Yes, her site has pop-ups. However, she's on a free-host. I refuse to count down on someone just because they don't have their own server, because that is something out of their control. I also did not encounter any broken links here, thankfully. Even though the site is jumbled together, everything does work.
2 out of 2 stars

Although she claims her episode summaries are 89% accurate, I'd say they're more about 50% accurate. She watches what's going on, but since she doesn't pick up much (or it seems to me any) Japanese. Steph misses out on the dialogue and thus confuses the summaries. Not the best place to go if you want to know what happened in an episode. My advice though to her would be to check out other sites, and compare notes. It'll make the series a whole lot clearer for her.

Her character descriptions are short blurbs, but they are more detailed than most of the descriptions I've encountered on sites. She also has an excellent little tutorial section for webmasters. And Steph wrote it herself. There's a totally cute ask Kero section, which pretty much mimics a Magic Eight Ball. She has a decent amount of game shots as well from the GameBoy game that few, if any outside of Japan, have played. Her Clow card descriptions are excellent, and complete with screen captures from the animated series. That's something I haven't seen on any other site, and I really like it.

But I must say, her content is all her own work, and thoroughly done I might add.

2 out of 2 stars

Steph updates regularly and puts a lot into her site. Her information isn't perfect, but no one's is. She should just finish making her site complete and organized. I'd also recommend she try another layout.
1 out of 2 stars

She's earned a total of 6 stars! So I decided to ask Kero-chan what he thought.

Me: "Does this site have a future?"
Kero-chan: "Definitely!"


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