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August 6th, 2001

Sakura Connection
(3 stars)

Design and Layout:
Hey, something different. This layout is actually the first of it's kind I've seen among CC and CCS sites. It's good to see that some people are willing to try out something different as opposed to something that just "works." The graphics and site in general are also really fast loading. It has a sort of mechanical-icy feel to it with the color scheme and the simple lines. Though, I'd really like to know why there's a picture of Vash from Trigun on every page if the site is only about CCS...
1 out of 2 stars

This site also happens to be well organized. The top navigation features take you to another page that has a more detailed selection of what you can expect in that section. Maybe it's just me, but I like categories as opposed to the lists that so many sites have going. I just find they not only look neater, but they make it easier to find what you're looking for. However, this site has misspellings galore. Now, this is not a moment for you to go and find every error I've ever made. What I'm referring to is misspellings of character names, as well as the introduction of a new word "Alfabetical." Oh yeah, and the "Introduction" link on the top navigation menu wasn't working. But that's the only broken link I encountered.
1 out of 2 stars

Advertising and Broken links:
Due in part to a comment from the webmaster of US Card Captors as well as my own experiences, I've decided to remove the point system that goes towards sites having or not having advertisements. I've decided to instead to factor "Broken Links" into the organization category and advertising, unless horribly excessive, will be ignored. The two points will now be added to Content, making it out of 4 points. All sites reviewed before this decision will eventually be re-reviewed using the new standards.

Currently, I'm looking through this site hoping to find something different. Admittedly, there are several character bios, but they are not in depth and reflect many of the bios that I have seen on other sites, as opposed to their own assessments of the characters. On the news page, it's mentioned that there is now "tons of information." More like tons of pages with two sentences each on them. In my ideal little wonderland that probably only exists in my head, I'd like to believe that if someone is making a website about a series, it's because they have seen the series. However, from reading the site, I get the impression that the webmaster has not in fact, seen much of the series. If the case was otherwise, there would at least be a little more detail than there is.
1 out of 4 stars

In the way of content, this site doesn't really have much to offer. When I go to sites, I usually look for something to read or opinions. I really enjoy reading other people's take on the series, which shows when someone has watched the series and writes their own summaries and information. Overall, for me, there's no reason to come back to this site. 
0 out of 2 stars

And that amounts to a total of 3 stars. Maybe it's just me. Check it out yourself though, as this is just my opinion.


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