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August 13th, 2001

Angelic Kinomoto
(1 star)

Design and Layout:
First off, I really like the color selection used on this page. It's really girly but hey, I can live with that. It is a shoujo anime after all. The layout is of course the standard three columns, but I think they make it work well. I was rather surprised to look at their poll and see that most people felt their site was "the worst." But maybe I just haven't gotten there yet. 
1 out of 2 stars

There are quite a few broken links on this site. None of the characters work... they're just listed there on the sidebar for fun. The Clow cards and the Sakura Cards sections are also broken links. Wait, I spoke too soon. The only links that work as far as content goes are the first 5 and the movie links. This site really shouldn't be open, and yet with nothing there, they still want you to vote for them in the top sites. Maybe this site isn't officially open, but then why would there be those daily updates on a closed site?
0 out of 2 stars

Well.... the webmaster is from Indonesia. That would explain why his English is a bit funny. But to top it off, suddenly, in those link sections that work, his English is perfect. Uh huh. Right. This is a case of cut-n-paste. So far the only content on his site is taken from other sites. It's funny, the only real content that is on the site is the "about the maker page." That doesn't really help in learning about Cardcaptor Sakura or Card Captors, does it?
0 out of 4 stars

Man! This is one bad site! If I was to have gone on first impressions, I would have thought it would be okay based on the layout, but this just proves you can't judge a book by its cover! 
0 out of 2 stars

1 star. It reminds me of the site that hosts it...


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