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In between black and white... Last Update: September 24th, 2001

Clow Legacy has been re-reviewed! See how they did.

There are currently 15 reviewed sites in the database
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Yue's Judgment is a site to help you find your way through the jungle of Card Captor Sakura and Card Captors sites on the internet. I have watched both the Japanese and the American series and I consider myself well informed about each to make judgments on sites about each. Just think of this as a critique of sites, like they do for movies, and it keeps you from going to see the bad ones. Sites are not grouped by good or bad, and I do recommend that you view ones that are rated poorly because, above all, this is just my opinion.

site info: information about the site, its webmaster, and my rant on CCS and CC sites
rating system: an explanation to how each of these sites is rated
database: a listing by date of all the sites that have been reviewed and their reviews
suggest: suggest a site via a form to be reviewed
links: links to web graphic shops and site tips that will help you improve your site 

And a note to all would-be flamers: This site does not claim to be better than any of the sites it reviews. All judgments are opinions, and they are my opinions, which I am entitled to. This site is just to save some people time in looking from site to site. This just gives you an idea of what to expect. And look at it this way, if your site is even being reviewed by me, it must be pretty good to start out with. I don't review amateur sites.


Yue's Judgment is copyright Yue 2001. All reviews and images captured or created by Yue. Do not remove anything from this site without permission.