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Is it time to move on?

Aside from having to move into school and everything, I really have to say that like many sites out there, I have lost the motivation to maintain this site. I mean, let's all be honest with ourselves: Most CCS and CC sites SUCK! A number of decent sites that once existed are now on permanent HIATUS. Great. Other sites now have an uncanny amount of advertising for no reason! I can't even stand going to sites like Sakura Star anymore because of their stupid sponsors that bombard you. And granted, I have been sent quite a few sites to review but for the most part NONE OF THEM ARE FINISHED OR ANYWHERE NEAR IT! Why would you want to look at a site that consists solely of a main page? How can a site have potential based solely on its graphics?! I'm really tired of going from site to site seeing the same things in the same words over and over again. And along with the start of school, new sites are few and far between, making older sites content to remain lazy and not update or improve. So I can't even re-review sites because they are making no effort to improve anything other than their layouts. 

I haven't lost interest in CCS, that's just not possible. But I do have other favorites that currently are taking up the forefront of my web time as well as a number of other sites that I work on on a regular basis. I'm still watching, and when I run into a site that really catches my eye, I'll be sure to share it with all of you. But until then, watch something new!


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