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September 24, 2001

Clow Legacy: []
(4 stars)

Initial Reaction:
Though this doesn't count for points, this basically gives my first impression of the site before I tear it apart piece by piece. Anyway, I figured I should do it for sites that I've already reviewed. As far as Clow Legacy goes, as I look at it now, there doesn't seem to be all that much changed... but I could be wrong...

Design and Layout:
I think I've finally accepted the fact that the layout of the average site is just not going to change. So Clow Legacy has opted to remain with the same tried and true three column layout. Yep. Nothing special here. Even the graphics aren't all that complex. And overall, it's rather plain as far as the colors go...
1 out of 2 stars

They improved one of the initial things I complained about, they now have a nice little section set up for their Black Light Comic that doesn't occupy much space on the side-bar. Also, their sections are done in a broader sense, like "characters" as opposed to listing names one by one on the side bar. Actually... this place is really organized overall. Nice.

On the other hand, their pop-ups are about to drive me crazy. I opened up the page, and in the time it took me to walk to the kitchen to grab a cookie and come back, there were 7 new add windows sitting on the bottom of my screen! And Clow Legacy was the only site open on my browser. I suggest that when you come to the site, you hit the "STOP" button on the top of you browser menu so it won't keep spawning off pop-up windows.
1 out of 2 stars

For Multimedia: In theory, they have a whole bunch of mp3's. But when I went today, not a single one was working. Their midis work... Their videos didn't. And oddly enough, their video clips are the exact same ones that Sakura Online posts. I don't know what the point of having a ton of multimedia is if you can't keep it online. 

As far as information goes, they have quite a few episode summaries from the first season in Japan. But you're still better off going some place like Sakura Avenue or Cherry Blossoms. These episode summaries are just...weird. And their image galleries for the most part don't work. Or at least, the Sakura Card season "screencaps" and the Clow Season "screencaps" didn't work. Which, by the way, are not really screen caps. They're just scans. Their main image gallery does work and has a total of 16 images. They have a little bar at the top, but once again, it doesn't take you anywhere. 

Lots and lots of things don't work. They need to follow the "If it's not there don't link it." Their battle items section is nice though, it's even illustrated. What the page came down to still were a bunch of links, but not a lot of content.
2 out of 4 stars

Well, Clow Legacy had been gone a while, claiming to be improving their site. But really the only thing different is the layout and now they have Japanese some episode summaries. I don't see much improvement, and believe me, I looked.
0 out of 2 stars 

That's 4 out of 10 stars. Umm... I almost feel bad about this.


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