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Site Title: Yue's Judgment
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Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

Site Layout:
It's not as bad as seeing all the sites like US CardCaptors, and Sakura Star, as it seems like the Mirror Card or the Twin Card got to them. I like how your site is original, and of course the pic of Yue rocks.
2 out of 2 stars

The organization is simple and easy to navigate. Everything is in their respectable places, and I find nothing is cluttered. The owner of this page has taken their time in making this page, and it shows in the current results.
2 out of 2 stars

This site gets big points for originality. It's an interesting idea to make a website, and use it to judge other people's websites. It helps the web surfing CardCaptor/Card Sakura fan:
A. Find the best sites for info, pics, etc.
B. Shows who to avoid
C. Which sites are involnig CardCaptors, Card Captor Sakura, or a mix of the information.
However, seeing as you're using Yue's Judgment as your name, maybe a fun idea would be to include a small section as to what Yue's Judgment was in the television show/manga.
3 out of 4 stars

This site was very well done, and it's very creative. It's originality and helping hand to the world of CC/CCS webpages is a great guide. It's the perfect place to go to see which sites are worth visiting.
2 out of 2 stars
Total: 9 out of 10 stars (This site kicks ass!)
See ya!
Ceaira Syona of GC World

I swear I didn't write this!



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