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August 28th, 2001

Pink Cherry Blossoms

Design and Layout:
At first, I was like "Wow! That is some great graphic incorporation in that banner!" And the I was like "WOW! They totally stole that graphic made by Cynical 26 from and used it without giving any credit to the original creator!" This is a whole new low in theft. 
0 out of 2 stars

Well... it is navigable. But parts of the site that apparently are not complete just target back to the top of the site. For example, fan artwork and fan fiction. 
1 out of 2 

Just a general site comment: Isn't it funny how every site has a job opening for a CCS episode summaries writer? 

They have some real audio songs, BUT since you can't right click and "save target as" Tripod sure makes them hard to download.

The content on this site is just the usual burst of nothing. Short character profiles straight from the manga, a list of episodes, name interchanging. Somehow or another, people got it in their heads that if they have a nice layout, then their site must be good! But you know, that's just not the case. Especially when you take in the fact that this site didn't even make its own graphics, rather, they just cut out a pre-made wallpaper and made it a banner. 

This site is just really empty. It has basic things, but nothing special that makes it stand out. 
1 out of 4 stars

Well... once they add some original content and at least credit Cynical26 for their banner image or change it, they might be an okay site. But as it is, there's NO reason to come back.
0 out of 2 stars

2 stars. And I'm amazed they got that much...




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