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August 15th, 2001

Sakura Online
(8 stars)

Design and Layout:
First off, allow me to say that this does not even remotely look like the site I reviewed a few months ago. And I mean that in a good way. Their layout is very functional, but not too overcrowding with hundreds of links. I personally think the graphic on the right side of the screen should be extended a little, but that's only because of the format of my screen. For the most part, the image aligns with the number of links, which makes it look tidy.
2 out of 2 stars

They have navigation on both the sides and the top. And it's really neat how they did this little ANIME, MERC, MULT, etc. down the side as opposed to just placing the titles above the sections. You'll probably have to look at the site to know what I'm talking about. Also, in sections like MANGA, for instance, they don't put a whole ton of images on the pages. In fact, they have the books divided by seasons. Really good organization anyway. There were broken links in the episode summaries section, but they warn you about it beforehand. Still, they just shouldn't be linked if they're not going anywhere. 
2 out of 2 stars

Just for sport, I decided to check their games section again. This time, instead of trying to feature things they knew nothing about, they instead gave a review and put up screenshots of a game that they knew a little about. Just one question though, who's Planet Sakura?

There's a nice selection of video clips, although they're not always available. Bandwidth and all. As far as multimedia goes, they have quite a selection. There are tons of images in the galleries, and a bunch of songs (even from the American series) available for download.

As for their information, it's pretty much the basic stuff that's on all sites. There summaries are pretty good and original as well, but they are only available for the American series. Judging by the content of the site, they should at this point just call themselves a Card Captors site... There's barely anything about Cardcaptor Sakura that they don't just relate back to Card Captors.
2 out of 4 stars

Well, this has become a good site to get downloads from. And it does have pretty decent episode summaries for the American series. I can also see that the webmaster has made a lot of effort to improve his site. And I do really like the layout!
2 out of 2 stars

8 stars! This site has definitely become one of the better massive sites out there!



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